Wishlist Member vs. Paid Memberships Pro

Wishlist Member vs. Paid Memberships Pro

Looking for the best membership plugin for your WordPress website, but don’t know which one to choose?

As more and more membership plugins are developed, it becomes more difficult to know which plugin is the one that will apply to all your specifications.

In this post we provide you an in-depth one-on-one comparison of: Wishlist Member vs. Paid Memberships Pro.

General Information:

Wishlist Member is a paid membership plugin that is offered as a single license ($97) and unlimited licenses ($297), both include support and access to documentation and video tutorials, while Paid Memberships Pro is a free membership plugin, the paid version (Pro) also includes support, tutorials and training and is priced $97.

Membership Features:

Both Wishlist Member and Paid Memberships Pro allow you to create as many membership levels as you want, set an expiration date and limit the subscription length to a membership level, export members and manage your members.

Some features that are available in Wishlist Member, but are lack in Paid Memberships Pro are:

Social Login – The ability to allow social login that can make the login process easier and smoother is highly important as it encourages members to return to the site again and again, which can help increase their exposure to your content and their engagement.

Bundles – The ability to create bundles will allow you to sell multiple membership levels / products in one purchase. Wishlist Member has a limited option for creating bundles using a sequential upgrade feature, and with Wishlist Bundles plugin (paid 3rd-party plugin) you can create eve more complex and advanced bundles.

Business Models:

Both Wishlist Member and Paid Memberships Pro allow you to set trial periods, upsells and one-time offers and offer discount coupons.

Offering coupons when using Wishlist Member can be done by using a paid add-on – Wishlist Coupon (developed by Wishlist Products). Upsells and one-time offers can be done depending on the shopping cart you are using.

Protection Settings:

Both Wishlist Member and Paid Memberships Pro allow setting both free and paid membership levels, total content protection, having teaser content (display content above the “read more” tag to non-members and protect the content after it to members only ), secure RSS feed and sell posts using a pay-per-post feature.

Paid Memberships Pro also has a built-in content dripping and pay-per-view features. If you are using Wishlist Member, you will need to purchase an add-on for having the ability to drip your content (Wishlist Content Scheduler).

Shopping Carts Integrations:

Both Paid Membership Pro and Wishlist Member offer a large variety of shopping carts integrations, so it really depends on which one you are using.

Braintree is available only with PMP and JVZoo, 1ShoppingCart, ClickBank, PayPal Pro and SamCart are available only with Wishlist.

Autoresponders Integrations:

Again, it really depends on the autoresponder you are using, as an autoresponder is usually a service you don’t switch from if you already have a massive email lists, but anyway, Wishlist offers more integrations with popular services such as: iContact, Mad Mimi and OntraPort.

Both, however, integrate with the most popular ones: Aweber, GetResponse and MailChimp.

Other Integrations:

Both PMP and Wishlist Member integrate with some of the most popular forums, affiliate programs and even course platforms.

Other Notes:

Both Wishlist Member and PMP offer a good solution for creating and managing a membership site.

The benefit of PMP is that it is available for immediate download, so you can check it out instantly and see if it answers all your requirements.

Which Plugin Is Better?

It really depends on the features and integrations you need.

Both plugins have a decent amount of add-ons (free in PMP, paid in Wishlist Member) that will help you enhance your membership site.

Both include support and an extensive amount of training (PMP – only in the paid version).

You can see a comparison table of the most popular membership plugins here

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