S2Member vs. Digital Access Pass

S2Member vs. Digital Access Pass

Looking for the best membership plugin for your WordPress website, but don’t know which one to choose?

As more and more membership plugins are developed, it becomes more difficult to know which plugin is the one that will apply to all your specifications.

In this post we provide you an in-depth one-on-one comparison of: S2Member vs. Digital Access Pass (DAP).

General Information:

Digital Access Pass is a paid membership that offers a monthly subscription for all features at $39.99/month or a one-time fee for 1 license ($167) or unlimited licenses ($297 / $497).

s2Member offers a free version with limited membership features, and also a paid version that comes in 3 different licenses: 1 license ($69), unlimited licenses ($129) and multisite networks ($289).

Membership Features:

Both s2Member and Digital Access Pass give you access to important membership features, including:

  • Creating unlimited membership levels
  • Members management
  • Creating bundles
  • Setting the subscription length (requires s2Member paid version)
  • Exporting members (requires s2Member paid version)
  • Login redirection

Social login feature is available only in Digital Access Pass.

Payment Models:

Both s2Member (paid version only) and Digital Access Pass allow you to define:

  • Trial periods
  • Upsells
  • One-time offers
  • Discount coupons

Protection Settings:

When it comes to protecting your membership site, both plugins also provide you with the necessary protection settings, including:

  • Creating free membership levels
  • Creating paid membership levels  (s2Member free version allows creating up to 4 paid levels only)
  • Set total content protection
  • Display “teaser” content to make the content before the “read more” tag visible for non-members
  • Drip your content (available in s2Member paid version)
  • Set pay-per-post
  • Secure your RSS feed

Pay-per-view feature is available only in Digital Access Pass.

Shopping Carts Integrations:

Digital Access Pass offers integrations with more shopping carts than s2Member, so it really depends on the payment gateway you are going to use.

DAP integrates with: PayPal Standard and PayPal Pro, ClickBank, InfusionSoft, Authorize.net, Stripe, JZVoo, 1ShoppingCart, 2CheckOut and SamCart.

s2Member’s free version integrates with PayPal Standard only, while the paid version also integrates with: PayPal Pro, ClickBank, Authorize.net and Stripe.

Autoresponders Integrations:

Autoresponders that integrate with Digital Access Pass: GetResponse, Aweber, MailChimp, iContact and OntraPort.

Autoresponders that integrate with s2Member (free and paid): Aweber and MailChimp. s2Member paid only: Getresponse.

Forums Integrations:

Both DAP and s2Member integrate with popular forum plugin such as: bbPress and BuddyPress. DAP also integrates with SimplePress and Mingle forum.

Affiliate Plugins Integrations:

s2Member integrates with Post Affiliate Pro and iDevAffiliate (DAP does not).

Neither integrate with AffiliateWP and Affiliate Royale.

Which Plugin Is Better?

It’s difficult to answer this question as there it really depends on the features and integrations you need.

The one that provides you with all the features you need is the right plugin for you.

You can try s2Member for free first and see if it suits your needs.

Both plugins offer tutorials and support, with s2Member you will get support only if you purchase the paid version.

s2Member also has API support that allows you to enhance the plugin’s features and customize it to your needs. DAP does not have API support.

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