Paid Memberships Pro vs. MemberMouse

Paid Memberships Pro vs. MemberMouse

Are you looking for an enhanced membership platform for your WordPress website?

In this post we give you a complete comparison of Paid Memberships Pro and MemberMouse, including: important membership features and protection settings, possible integrations and more.

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Membership Features

These are the core membership features within MemberMouse:

Creating membership levels – The membership levels is the first step to granting access rights to your websites. You can grant different levels of access to your customers based on their membership level. You can setup both free and paid membership levels.

Creating Products – Every customer can be associated with one membership level, and each membership level can be associated with multiple products (physical products, services or protected content). The products for each membership level is defined within each membership level as can be seen in the screenshot below:

Member Mouse Products

Member Mouse Products

Managing your members – MemberMouse has an easy to manage customers management area that includes the members order history, access privileges, engagement statistics and more.

Creating bundles – You can setup unlimited number of bundles, the bundles can be free or paid and have multiple products associated to them. Choosing the bundles for a specific membership level can be done from the Products Settings > Membership Levels tab > Create Membership Level > Bundles as can be seen in the screenshot below:

Member Mouse Creating Bundles

Member Mouse Creating Bundles

Set membership levels subscription length  – You can set the membership level to expire after x number of days, weeks or months. Defining an expiration date for a specific membership level is easy and can be done from the Products Settings > Membership Levels tab > Create Membership Level under Expiry Settings as shown in the screenshot below:

MemberMouse Subscription L ength

MemberMouse Subscription L ength

Allow social Signup & login – In the advanced plans of MemberMouse you can also allow your members to register and login to the members area using their Facebook, Tweeter and Google Plus accounts. This is an excellent feature to have as it makes the signup and login process easier for your customers. You can find instructions on how to accomplish the social login within MemberMouse knowledge base in this article.

Set a login redirection – You can define a different login redirection page for each membership level or use specific MemberMouse WordPress filters as explained in this article from MemberMouse knowledge base.

Export members – You can easily export your members’ list or a certain group of members from the Managing Members menu.

Use smart tags – MemberMouse smart tags allow you to add different functionalities to your membership site easily and quickly. The smart tags will allow you to dynamically display content to members according to their access privileges, offer different upsells or downsells and more…

What Else – MemberMouse is a very advanced membership platform with many other membership features and settings. You can read more about what it allows inside MemberMouse excellent knowledge base

These are the core membership features within Paid Memberships Pro:

Membership Levels – PMP gives you the ability to grant access to unlimited number of membership levels, both free and paid memberships. PMP allows your to structure your membership site in any way you want, from hierarchical model (for example: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced) to topic-oriented model.

Manage Your Members – edit membership levels, change their expiration date etc.

Expiration Dates – Set an expiration date for membership levels

Login Redirection – Set the login redirection page

Members Export – Export members to a CSV file or view them in one table

Members Reports and Stats – PMP allows you to get complete reports and statistics about your members, including: number of visits, views and logins for each member as can be seen in the screenshot below:

Members Reports and Stats

PMP Members Reports and Stats

Protection Settings

The protection settings allow you to deliver your content to your members in different ways.

These are the main protection settings available within MemberMouse:

Total Content Protection – MemberMouse allows you to easily protect pages based on their membership level and also protect posts by WordPress categories. Any user or member without the appropriate access privileges will not be able to access the content, but will be redirected to an error page.

Protect Content in RSS Feeds, Search Results and Archives – You can read more about it in MemberMouse knowledge-base in this article.

Partial Content Protection (“teaser” content) – You can use WordPress “Read More” tag to display content above the tag (the excerpt) to non members and display the content after the tag (the single post/ page) to members only.

Content Dripping – You can schedule content to be released (dripped) to members over time by scheduling what day members get access to that protected content. Once you create a new post or page, you will see the option to specify the dripping in the MemberMouse options widget as seen in the screenshot below:

Member Mouse Content Dripping

Member Mouse Content Dripping

 These are the main protection settings available within Paid Memberships Pro:

Total Content Protection – You can set any post or page to be hidden from non-members completely, so only logged-in users will be able to view it.  This can be easily accomplished by entering the desired post / page and checking the membership level in the meta box “Require Membership” as seen in the below screenshot:

Paid Memberships Pro Total Content Protection

Paid Memberships Pro Total Content Protection


Teaser Content – You can display “teaser” content to non-members by using WordPress “Read More” tag, so all content above the tag (the excerpt) will be visible to non-members, but all the content after the tag will be visible to members only (the single post).

Content Dripping – You can drip feed your content to members over the course of their membership by serializing the content to be delivered every X number of days after their registration to the membership site. The dripping is done using a free plugin “Series” that can be downloaded in this link.

Payment Models

Choosing a membership platform that offers a large variety of payment models such as: upsells and downsells, one-time offers and more is highly important as it can help you provide more payment options to your customers are highly increase your overall revenues.

These are the main payment models available within MemberMouse:

1-Click Upsells – You can easily create 1-click upsells within MemberMouse using product-specific confirmation pages or using MemberMouse smart tags.

Downsells – You can offer your members with different downsells when they are in the process of cancelling their membership.

Split Test Prices – You can set different price points for he same membership level and split test the best price that will generate you the highest revenues.

Trial Offers and Coupon Codes – You can create one-time offers, free trials, paid trials, payment plans, discount coupons and more.

These are the main payment models available within Paid Memberships Pro:

  • Custom Trial Periods – Free trials, custom-length trials, “Introductory” pricing.
  • Upsells and One-Time Offers
  • Recurring Subscriptions – Daily, weekly, monthly and annually.

Shopping Carts Integration

These are the main shopping carts that integrate with MemberMouse:

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Braintree
  • Lime Lite CRM
  • CIM
  • Clickbank
  • Coinbase

These are the main shopping carts that integrate with Paid Memberships Pro:

  • Stripe
  • PayPal Standard
  • PayPal Express and PayPal Pro
  • Braintree
  • CyberSource
  • 2CheckOut

Autoresponders Integration

MemberMouse integrates with 4 of the most popular autoresponders, including:

  • MailChimp
  • GetResponse
  • AWeber
  • iContact

Paid Memberships Pro integrates with the following autoresponders:

  • MailChimp
  • Aweber
  • GetResponse
  • Constant Contact

You can find more integrations in this link

General Information

MemberMouse is a paid membership platform charged on a monthly basis, the price varies according to the number of members you have. The price range is from as low as $19.95 per month for 1000 members and can climb up to $599 per month for unlimited members.

Though the price can sound intimidating at first, it really isn’t that much money when you have members paying you on a monthly basis, and for the extensive number of features and payment models you can achieve, this is really a no brainer.

Paid Memberships Pro is a free membership platform, if you also watn access to support, premium content, videos and members-only forums you will need to upgrade to the PMPro membership that is priced at $97.

PMP is also a great membership plugin, so if you are still not sure which plugin to choose, whether MemberMouse or any other plugin, you can download Paid Memberships Pro and start playing with it. The plugin is quite simple to understand and may suite your needs.

Which Plugin is Better?

Both MemberMouse and Paid Memberships Pro are advanced membership platforms that offer an extensive amount of settings, features and integrations.

So eventually it comes down to one basic question – which plugin provides you with all the features you need and will need in the future.

When choosing your membership plugin make sure the plugin will also allow you to have advanced options that will help your membership site and revenues extend.

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