Wishlist Member vs. Paid Memberships Pro

Wishlist Member vs. Paid Memberships Pro

Looking for the best membership plugin for your WordPress website, but don’t know which one to choose?

As more and more membership plugins are developed, it becomes more difficult to know which plugin is the one that will apply to all your specifications.

In this post we provide you an in-depth one-on-one comparison of: Wishlist Member vs. Paid Memberships Pro.

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New Section Added: Backup Plugins & Services

Backups are important but sometimes we just forget backing our website and we only remember it when something happens. A new section is added to DiscoverWP for the most popular backup plugins and services for WordPress.

With these plugins backing up you website could not more easy and next time you will have no excuse for not having an up to date backup copy of your website.

Browse the backup section and compare the plugins and services to find out the right solution for you need.

Because some of the backup solution are sold as services paid monthly we have divided the backup section into backup plugins and backup services.

Just like on any other section on DiscoverWP we have added the most popular solutions first and new services and plugins are added all the time.

New Section Added: Affiliates Plugins

We are very happy to let you know that a new section that covers most popular affiliates plugins for WordPress has been added.

You can now browse and find all the features for the most popular affiliate plugins for the WordPress platform. Also just in any other products  you can compare all the affiliate plugins on versus another and find the right affiliates plugins for your own needs.

Adding an affiliate problem your website / store can be a  very important aspect in your marketing and business success. Finding the right Affiliate program for you needs can be a little bit tricky if you can’t see all the affiliate plugin compared one against the other.

Just like in any other section that we start with the most popular plugins and add new products all the time. So if you are looking for an affiliates program for you website check the affiliate plugins section.

New Section Added: eCommerce Platform

There are many ways to sell products on WordPress but if you want to build a complete online store on your WordPress website than you will probably use one of the already build eCommerce platform for WordPress.

Because eCommerce is very important aspect for any business that want to earn money we have added a new section for eCommerce platform for the WordPress platform.

Many of the eCommerce platform are free to use but you should know that although the basic platform is very you will probably need to extend it using paid extensions.  In most cases the prices for the extensions are very reasonable and even if you buy more then few extensions you still have a lot profit margin from your online store.

You can now browse the eCommerce plugins section find the right eCommerce solution for your need and compare it with all other eCommerce plugins.

New Section Added: Membership Sites Platforms

If you are following DiscoverWP on the twitter, Facebook or just visiting our website you have noticed that we are adding new section almost on a daily basis.

We are now happy to announce that we have added a new sections for membership site platform for WordPress.

Membership site are very common website structure that allow you the website owner to build a closed area on your website that only members can access and view the content. Read more

DiscoverWP - We Are Live

Welcome to DiscoverWP, We Are Live

We are very happy to announce it after a lot of work and time invested, we are live!

In the first version of DiscoverWP (version 1.0) we will added new product on a daily and weekly basis all products can be compared with other products so if you are looking for the right product for your new or existing WordPress website you can easily find the one that have all the features that you need.

Don’t forget that to sign up to our mail mailing list as new product comparisons are added all the time.