New Section Added: Membership Sites Platforms

If you are following DiscoverWP on the twitter, Facebook or just visiting our website you have noticed that we are adding new section almost on a daily basis.

We are now happy to announce that we have added a new sections for membership site platform for WordPress.

Membership site are very common website structure that allow you the website owner to build a closed area on your website that only members can access and view the content.

This area can be paid or free and you will can choose how you can developer the content to your members.

Building a members area on your WordPress website give to the ability to build a community around your product or subject and allow you to keep close connection with your visitors.

Although there are many membership sites platforms for WordPress not all of them are suitable for every need and these is the main reason why we have added this section as to DiscoverWP website.

So stop reading blog posts and jump in to the membership platform section compare and choose the right membership platform for your own needs.


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